Speeding may not be so easy to get away with soon as a bill allowing local police departments to use radar guns is on its way to the House of Representatives.  It’s a move that has been tried several times before.  

Pennsylvania remains the only state that prohibits municipal police from using radar guns, local departments hoping for a change.  A bill passes the State Senate allowing Pennsylvania’s Municipal Police Departments to use radar to catch those who speed, now it’s up to the house.  

EPD Police Chief says, “I think that this tool would help us further the states’ goals which are to have safe drivers on the road and keep everyone safe”.  

Without radar, local police are limited to visual and timing-based systems in order to write a speeding ticket.  The white lines you see on the roadway are a part of that system.  Officers use a stopwatch to see how fast it takes you to go from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ but using a radar gun would be more effective and efficient.

Dacus says, “other municipalities have been using this technology for several years and it’s just long overdue”.

The National Motorists Association disagrees, saying expanding radar to municipal police would open the door for speed traps, solely to enhance revenue. 

Captain Carter Mook of the Millcreek Police Department says, “it’s not to see how many tickets to write it’s to be more effective in our job and to combat a complaint from a citizen of speeding”.

Should the bill pass, municipalities would have to pass their own ordinances, as well.  Erie City Council Member Jim Winarski says research is needed.  “Nobody knows how much these radar guns would cost, how many we would need, what type of equipment goes with these radar guns… it’s one of those, ‘let’s get it passed first and see what our options are'”.

As a member of the House Judiciary Committee, State Representative Ryan Bizzarro says he is looking forward to reviewing the bill and says if it’s brought before the house, there is a strong chance it will pass.

Local officers say, “we’ll believe it when we see it”.