Raising awareness regarding a brain eating amoeba that took the life a ten-year old Texas girl

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An organism that lives in fresh warm water took the life of a ten-year old girl in Texas. The question stirred from this, however, is this something people in this area need to be concerned for.

The child died after contracting a brain eating amoeba. Most cases of this in the United States occur in the southern states during the months of July and August.

Health experts from the Erie County Health Department explained that’s because that is typically when water is the warmest. However, there is one way you can protect yourself if heading into fresh water.

“The one thing that someone can do to protect themselves is wear nose plugs because the amoeba enters through the nose, it does not enter by swallowing water, it doesn’t enter by drinking,” said Charlotte Berringer, Director of Nursing at the Erie County Department of Health. “It has to enter through the nose and travels to the brain and basically causes meningitis type symptoms.”

Berringer explained that over the course of ten years, 34 cases of the brain eating amoeba were found

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