All across the country, rallies are being help to spread awareness for gun violence.

March for Our Lives is a group that advocates for the end of gun violence through policy.

They have organized protests all across the nation on Saturday, and one was held here in Erie.

We attended this rally and got a deeper understanding of why this group is so passionate about gun control.

The root of this issue for those who participated in the rally is mass shootings. Mass shootings are happening in schools, in grocery stores, and these people wanted to have their voices heard.

Nationally, we have seen a barrage of mass shootings. Here in Erie, some people are still feeling the aftershocks from the shooting that took place at Erie High.

No one could speak more personally on the event than a student who was cowering in a classroom during the attack.

“It was definitely scary being held up in the back of a classroom not knowing at all what was happening, and seeing teachers panic definitely makes you panic. It’s no short sight of fear,” said Stella Valent, Erie High Student.

Some people in attendance showed their distaste for automatic rifles while mentioning the state of their destructive power. They held signs showing their concern.

“Common sense. We don’t need AR-15s. I shot an M16 when I was in the Navy and these are devastating weapons and we do not need them. Those background checks, you know I’m a hunter, I’m a gun owner, but things need to change now,” said Sam Johnson, Concerned Resident.

Those in attendance were passionate about the safety of the children. The organizer of the event shared what she thinks needs to be done.

“We need to start looking at public safety in a different way. We need to start looking at gun ownership in a different way. We need to start looking at root causes and finding root causes of gun violence. The time is now. What we’re doing is not working,” said Molly Brechtel, Erie County United Organizer.

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Those involved in the rally on Saturday continued to say “not one more” as in not one more death of a child and enough is enough.