Randolph Township reacts to a person of interest in a double murdering being arrested

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Federal Authorities have arrested jack turner in Charleston, West Virginia as he made his way off of a Greyhound bus. This giving many neighbors of his victim’s relief. 

“We are very glad. I have six children, they have been very nervous. they have been worried,” said Brandy Palmiero, neighbor. “It (was) a neighbor and what’s going to happen. They knew him. “

Brandy Palmiero who lives just down the road says the murder was shocking. Saying this type of crime normally does not happen in Randolph Township. Mike White agrees, he owns a nearby ice cream shop. 

“I was really surprised. These things don’t happen around here too often, but they’re becoming a bigger issue. for this kid to be so young, it’s crazy,” said Mike White, Owner, Ice Cream Cottage.

Turner is currently being held in West Virginia. He will return to Pennsylvania to face charges.

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