One of the most iconic American R&B singing groups is coming to the region next week, bringing some of the biggest hits of the 60s and 70s.

And they’re bringing new music too.

Scott Bremner talked with one of them, who is working to use the music to help others.

Singer Jessie Peck has been living a dream for more than a decade, singing the music he’s known since his youth.

As the bass singer for The Spinners, he performs iconic R&B hits like “I’ll Be Around,” “Then Came You,” and a song the group really has fun with on stage, “The Rubberband Man.”

“I’ve been a Spinner for 14 years, and it still feels just as good. It still feels brand new. I still love making fans laugh, hearing them cry on certain songs, and seeing them dancing in the aisles. I still enjoy signing autographs and taking pictures with fans, I never get tired of that,” said Jessie Peck, The Spinners.

But even all this isn’t enough for Jessie. So he supports veterans and families battling autism through his foundation that sells all kinds of things through

“If you think about it, they’re actually one in the same. Whether we’re on stage, or whether it’s giving to a charity, we’re helping people, we’re making them feel better. Even if it’s just for the couple of hours that you’re at the show, you’re surrounded by a bunch strangers and for that period of time nothing else matters, everyone’s happy, we all accept one another and we’re expressing love,” said Peck.