Reactions on the reports of Priest Abuse that came out this week

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Anne-Marie Welsh Director of Communications for the Diocese of Erie says it’s been an extremely difficult week following the reports of priest abuse. 

“We knew it was coming the diocese received the report several weeks ago and it’s been very difficult for people to read we’ve talked about clergy abuse for years and we’ve talked about apologizing and coming forward,  ” said Welsh.
She says it’s overwhelming for people to read the horrific details of the abuse. However, the silver lining is that many victims have finally been able to come forward and tell their stories.

Monsignor Kriegel says that this is about the victims whose lives were destroyed by sick perverted men. He believes his first reaction on finding out about this news was sadness because people were hurt and that it was covered up. 

“I said from the altar i’m ashamed of my church I really am and I pray that these victims can find relief I also said that if we had more women in leaderships positions and lay people this would never have happened they wouldn’t have tolerated it. “

Several bishops are calling for a review board because right now if a Bishop covers up abuse he’s not held accountable. Monsignor Kriegel says that if things don’t change he’s not sure if he wants to continue ministering the St. Patrick Parish Church.

Members of The Survivors Network Of Those Abused By Priests is holding an event August 21st to shed light on Priest abuse.

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