Shockingly enough, the mass school shooting in Texas was not the only mass shooting that happened in May.

Another 10 people were killed during the racially motivated shooting at a Buffalo Tops Supermarket only 11 days ago.

This reignited the conversations over gun control. Here’s more on what both sides have to say on this debate.

Individuals on both sides of the argument said that these shootings are heartbreaking. However, they disagree on the solution to this problem.

Recent mass shootings are prompting leaders and community members to debate gun control laws.

Earlier this month, a mass shooting took place at a grocery store in Buffalo which killed 10 innocent people.

On May 24, a mass shooting at an elementary school in Texas killed 21 individuals.

One Benedictine Sister said that since the Sandy Hook shooting, more action should be taken to address these senseless acts of gun violence.

“Here we are 10 years later, many shootings along the way, and we still have not made any significant action to control the use of guns, the purchase of guns in our country,” said Stephanie Schmidt, Prioress for the Benedictine Sisters of Erie.

Sister Schmidt said that those who are concerned should take action.

“The first thing we need to do is everyone needs to rise up and contact their congress-person and say enough is enough. Please would you pass some legislation that would move us to safety measures for guns,” said Sister Schmidt.

The owner of a local gun shop said that news of shootings like this is heartbreaking to gun owners. However, the gun shop owner said that not all of them should be penalized.

“Any American gun owner has heartfelt sympathy for those families. That’s the first thing we think of. The political arena does not address the problem. It wants to go after guns,” said Bob McDowell, Owner of Bob’s Gun Shop.

McDowell said that guns aren’t the issue, it’s the individuals who are buying them.

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“We need to find out what can be done to take these people out of society; not off the streets, out of society, not off the streets, out of society,” said McDowell.

Several people say those who are concerned should reach out to members of congress while others are saying that it is there Second Amendment right.