Recent MCAP Poll shows President Trump 14 points behind Presidential Candidate Joe Biden in Erie County

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A recently completed Mercyhurst poll shows that President Trump would lose Erie County to the top Democratic contenders.

His wining Erie County and Pennsylvania in 2016 is seen as a key to his election.

President Donald Trump defied the polls when he won the 2016 Presidential election. It appears he may have to do it again to win re-election in 2020.

A recently released poll from Mercyhurst University shows Democrat Joe Biden beating the President by 14 points in Erie County if the election were held today. Tighter races would also give the nod to Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

“The state of the nation’s economy has been, for years, the most important predictor for the outcome of Presidential elections. Our polls seem to suggest that, in spite of the good economy, Donald Trump is not enjoying the support in Erie County that you would expect,” said Joe Morris, Mercyhurst University.

Digging deeper into the numbers continues to show the apparent love-hate relationship the nation has with the Commander in Chief.

Considering 59% of the 407 responders say the country is headed on the wrong track. Yet, 58% of those polled rate the nation’s economy as either good or excellent.

“While the majority of residents still say Erie County is struggling economically, the number of people who say that the economy is looking good, not just for them but for other people in the community, has increased dramatically since 2017,” said Morris.

For now, at least an area that surprised the nation by going red in 2016 appears to be leaning back to blue. If nothing changes, that could leave the President feeling blue a year from November.

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