Receptions held aboard tall ships

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 All weekend long people have the opportunity to get up close to beautiful tall ships.

Friday night, some even got to wine and dine with them.

The party at Tall Ships Erie didn’t stop after the festival closed to the public.

Receptions are held on board the tall ships, including this one aboard the Pride of Baltimore II.

Tom Bloom says. “Old sailing ships have always totally intrigued me. I left for the navy when i was 17. And I lived five blocks from the lake all my life and the lake was my playground.”

Guests say it’s a great opportunity to wine and dine with the ship that inspired our nation’s National Anthem.

Bloom says, “I probably shouldn’t say this because the Niagara was built here, but this is the most beautiful of the tall ships just because of the lines.”

Earnie Bruno says, “It’s just amazing to see all these complete relocks. It’s just amazing to be aboard something like this.”

And the crews say receptions like this are what the ship is all about.

Chaud Lossing says, “It’s super. I mean that’s what the boat was built to do. The boat was built to do function like this, to host nice parties and promote Maryland in doing so is really the boat’s purpose.”

Sheila Bruno says, “The history is just amazing. The history of all the tall ships, whether it be the Niagara or all of these. It’s so exciting to have it here in Erie.”

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