Record Store Day 2018

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     Record Store Day happens across the globe one day a year with record shops on every continent, (excluding Antarctica), participating.  Thousands of vinyl enthusiasts line up hours before their local record store opens to get their hands on the exclusive releases on hand for the celebration.  

     Music lovers young and old come together for this annual event.  The obvious phenomenon is visible in these shops.  Young people are still becoming interested in buying records.  Despite the rise of digital technology with any song being just a few clicks away, many say there’s something inherently more intimate and fulfilling when it comes to vinyl.  For some, it’s simply a tradition handed down from older family members, as Mitchell Cunningham of Erie told us.  His collection of records holds more than 200 and continues to grow.  Cunningham says he frequents Graham’s Record Store, located on West 26th Street in Erie, often but never misses a Record Store Day event. 

     For Graham’s, this day can be likened to Black Friday.  They do months worth of business in this one day.  Record Store Day was established in 2008 by a group of independent record store owners and has taken off like wildfire since then.

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