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The local Red Cross Chapter saying they’re in dire need of more volunteers willing to head to Texas. 

The Red Cross here saying the process is not as extensive as one might think.  So, you’ve thought about it, the Red Cross is asking you to get involved.  Hurricane Harvey increasing the need for more Red Cross volunteers.  And, the process starts with a simple click of a button.

The local chapter saying there’s a volunteer tab on the website where you put in your zip code and answer a questionnaire.  Once that information gets into the system, the Red Cross will reach out to interested volunteers.  The volunteers needed immediately are for logistics, mass feeding, sheltering and health services.  Health services is the only area requiring some background; the rest, the Red Cross says anyone can be trained for.

There is a three to six hour course, a required, thorough health evaluation and a background check. 

“Folks just [want to help],” says Geoffrey Domowicz, Disaster Program Specialist, “and they don’t really think about all these things.  But, before we can send somebody, they [have] to be properly trained because they’re going into a situation where there may not be electricity… running water, there may not be a steady food supply for themselves, let alone the people we’re working for.  They need to be trained on how to handle those situations.”

This relief effort will take weeks and months.  Case work volunteers will be needed after the immediate relief.  So, volunteers are going to be needed for weeks to come. 

If you have any questions, you can call the local chapter at 814-833-0942.

For people who want to help with Tropical Storm Harvey Relief Efforts, but can’t leave for extended time can donate.  Donations are accepted and encouraged.  To donate with us, please click here.

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