Members of the Erie County Redevelopment Authority gathered Tuesday morning for their monthly meeting.

Just last week, County Executive Brenton Davis asked for the resignation of three board members, including board chair Kate Philips, Secretary William Deluca and Treasurer Laith Wardi.

The board members refused to resign, and will complete their five year terms.

The county executive has withdrawn his request with Erie County Council.

One county councilwoman says the work of the Redevelopment Authority benefits the entire community.

“It’s not going forward and I’m glad of that, but all the same I think that the board deserves an apology. They put in their time, they put in their effort, their expertise, and they do it as volunteers. I think that can’t be said enough. The work that they do produces economic benefits for everybody in Erie County, and people need to be aware of that,” said Mary Rennie, Erie County Councilwoman.

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Erie County Council will meet at 6 p.m. Tuesday, however this topic will be removed from the agenda.