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Tamarack Lake Prep's

For the first time since 2012, water is finally being re-introduced to the lake at a controlled rate until it reaches full capacity. It was a day of excitement for Meadville residents as the refilling process for Tamarack Lake kicked off on Thursday.  “I’m just thrilled to see people kayaking and fishing and using the lake, instead of it being empty,” said Melissa Fuller, member of Friends of Tamarack Lake.

Fuller is she says it’s been a long journey to get the lake refilled after it was shut down due to safety concerns. “It was very hard to get funding, it was a big project with a lot of money and we as he said think were number 20 of the lakes to be drained in Pennsylvania, and a lot of them are not being filled. We got funding  because it’s a flood control dam,”Fuller added.

While Fuller is looking forward to seeing people enjoy recreational activities out on the lake, the executive director of the PA Fish and Boat Commission says refilling the lake could also contribute to the state’s fishing industry. “Fishing and boating are part of the culture, a part of what people grew up doing and we’re happy to bring this resource back for the folks here.” Says Tim Schaffer, executive director at PA Fish and Boat Commission

Overtime, biologist and hatchery staff will introduce native fish species to the lake including walleye, yellow perch and large-mouth bass. The maximum depth of the lake is 13 feet, and it will take approximately six months to refill it to its maxim capacity. 

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