Regis Brown, confessed murderer, “jacked [a co-worker] up against the wall by his throat”

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In addition to being sentenced for the recent murders of Regis Brown’s wife and stepdaughter, Brown is also being charged with the 30-year-old cold case death of Bryce Thompkins.  And, it doesn’t stop there…

Thompkins was found shot to death in a Lawrence County creek in 1988, and investigators are now saying Brown may be involved in up to eight homicides. 

Regis Brown, already in jail for the brutal deaths of his wife and stepdaughter in Fairview in March.

In a news conference, State Police in New Castle, PA releasing shocking information.  Multiple, extensive interviews with Brown are now connecting him to more deaths; cold cases dating back more than 30 years. 

Detective Joseph Vascetti, with the PA State Police, tells us, “He’s either been arrested for or confessed to or is a strong suspect in 8 homicides right now in the northern part of the state from Lawrence County to Erie”.

Investigators saying Brown was involved in many violent crimes, spending an extensive amount of time in prison.  

A man who wants to remain anonymous says he worked with Regis a couple of years ago.  He said they had a mutual respect toward one another, but that Regis had told him stories, bragging about his violent tendencies. “He told me that he, I guess, jacked him up against the wall by his throat because he was tired of his machine crashing, or he wasn’t doing his job right or something.”

Retired FBI Special Agent, Dr. Jerry Clark, saying serial killers can blend into society very well. “They have a side, though, or a twist to them that’s very dark and deep and that’s what that description sounds like to me. That side where you can just snap and take someone’s life… become very violent just like that.”

According to Dr. Clark, only about 1% of murderers that take place annually are serial killings.  They’re difficult cases, especially if there are ‘cooling off’ periods in between the murders. “It’s just murder for the sake of enjoying murder is basically what is. That’s what I said about it being so rare…people don’t usually think like that.”

Investigators are now re-opening these cold cases, examining witness testimony, any physical evidence, and information.

Clark says once serial killers are exposed for one event and sentenced, they’ll start to talk, bringing new information to light. “They’re narcissists, there’s no doubt about it. They love what they do, they love their own work. Again, if you do this alone, anytime you do a crime alone, you can’t tell anybody, you want people to know what you’ve done. So they’re a little bit hesitant, of course, because it puts them in a culpability of being involved in a case, but when they finally do get a chance to talk and you can interview them, now you gotta see how the cases are related.”

He also says serial killers are usually mobile and transient, moving from place to place easily.  “…It always comes back to, ‘hey, there’s a hometown where there were multiple murders that went unsolved and this person just got arrested for murder, let’s take a look.'”

“Usually serial killers are in organized or disorganized category. So, they could impulsively kill and then move onto a different place or they’re organized and they actually plan out their events and how they’re gonna do it. So, you take a look at that, you take a look at the crime scene, you mix and match everything together…”

Brown’s old co-worker saying, “I didn’t think he was exactly capable of that kind of…that kind of violence… That’s, that’s unreal to hear that; that I was working with someone who possibly could’ve been a serial killer or is a serial killer.”

Dr. Clark saying Erie’s most famous serial killer in recent history is Marjorie Diehl Armstrong.  

Investigators are now putting together witness testimony, any physical evidence like DNA or anything left at the scene.  They’re going back and seeing if Brown may have been involved. 

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