Renovations continue at the Erie Zoo to help improve visitor experience. But while those renovations take place, zoo-goers will still be able to view the animals.

The Otter Exhibit is receiving a facelift that the marketing and events assistant says has not been remodeled since the 1980s.

She says the renovation is being done in part with different policies and requirements that are set by the USDA and the Association of Zoo’s and Aquariums for the best interest of the animals.

She says the exhibit will see a larger expansion for the animals to have more room to run around and play.

“One of our main priorities here at the zoo right now is improving our visitor experience. So by modernizing some of these habitats and just creating better spaces around the zoo, we’re hoping to just bring a little bit more life into the zoo. Like I said, this hasn’t been touched since the 1980s, so these are kind of the projects we want to be getting more involved in,” said Kylie Kaspick, marketing and events assistant, Erie Zoo.

Kaspick says next spring is the target date to showcase the new Otter Exhibit, but in the meantime, people can still view the otters through the Red Panda Exhibit.