Renowned Duck Caller judging birds and ducks at Erie County Fair for 5th year

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A man known around the world for his knowledge of ducks and other birds is in Wattsburg this week looking for the best of the best.

Art Lundgren has a reputation as a renowned Duck Caller. He is at the Erie County Fair to judge more than 200 birds and ducks on appearance, condition, and type of bird.

Lundgren has been judging and selling poultry throughout the world for 66 years, including England.

He likes going to fairs to explain his love of all things poultry related.

“I think it’s important, especially for kids too, when you come to a show like this you’ll get to see all different colors and varieties and shapes and so on, rather than just a commercial chicken,” said Art Lundgren, Duck Caller.

This is Lundgren’s 5th time judging at the Erie County Fair.

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