As we get closer to the general elections in the fall, Representative Mike Kelly gains support from the Job Creators Network, a job and tax cut advocacy group.

“Our goal is to not just stay in DC, but to go out to main street USA communities, like here in Erie, Pennsylvania to thank the congressmen for their support of the tax cut and jobs act,” said Tim Jones.

Jones is with the First Rule Media Network which joined forces with the Job Creators Network to advocate for tax cuts for small businesses. 

“There are an awful lot of jobs right now, there are people looking to hire people,” said Representative Kelly. “And to tell people, now your real opportunity comes in looking at the jobs that are available and are you prepared to fill those jobs.”

Representative Kelly says he sees a boom in the jobs in the area and he credits it to the Tax Cuts and Jobs act which was signed into law in 2017. “The tax cuts are one thing, the regulations are another, but more than anything else, the fact that we have opportunity zones that also go along with the tax cuts and jobs act will work right here in our town.” 

While Representative Kelly was met with support from the Job Creators Network, he was also met protesters saying they want affordable wage jobs.

“There probably are more jobs than people but they’re minimum wage jobs and families can’t live on minimum wage,” said Terri Hulahan with Keystone Progress. “You look for example here and these are mostly high school kids at seasonal employment. are there a lot of jobs, yes, but they are not going to last.” 

Meanwhile Representative Kelly says he is optimistic about the future job force and the local economy.