ERIE, Pa. — The Pennsylvania House Democratic Policy Committee held a public hearing in Erie Wednesday morning to talk renewable energy.

The committee, hosted by Rep. Pat Harkins, was held in the SB3 Building  – the location of Hero BX Biodiesel plant. Biodiesel fuels and alternative forms of energy was at the forefront of discussion at the hearing.

Hero BX officials spoke to the committee, giving them an update on the company’s growth and other sources of renewable energy.

Harkins said it is crucial to encourage other companies working with renewable energy to come to Erie.

“I’ve worked with a number of neighboring states to bring this to the forefront,” Harkins said. “Me and Rep. Curt Sonney are actually working on bipartisan legislation that would offer tax credits and help us with regulations and things like that.”

The committee also heard from experts in solar energy and how that is being put to use here in the region.