A panel came together with a local Representative Thursday to discuss the importance of investing in early education.

Representative Curt Sonney met with multiple members of the Erie Community virtually Thursday, including Erie County District Attorney Jack Daneri and Michelle Harkins the Executive Director of Early Connections.

All saying it is vital to invest in children early to give them a better future.

They also discussed how the pandemic affected children and parent involvement.

Representative Sonney saying virtual learning is going to continue to be apart of education at all ages.

“I don’t think that any of it is going to go away and we don’t want it to go away. There’s been huge investments made in equipment and technology, and we shouldn’t be putting all of those investments in the closet and forgetting about them. We need to continue to embrace all of the technology,” said Rep. Curt Sonney, 4th District.

At the end of the discussion, a group of Pre-K students got a special surprise as Representative Sonney read them all a book.