Report: Wiley uses campaign contributions to pay for private Erie Club membership

Local News

ERIE, Pa. — Republican state Senate nominee Dan Laughlin and his campaign are calling out Sen. Sean Wiley.

The senator’s report states that Wiley has spent $1,300 of campaign contributions on an Erie Club membership.

“That membership is not a membership for Sean Wiley,” Wiley said. “That membership is for the entire region.”

Wiley said as state Senator, he uses the membership to the private club to promote Erie.

“We need to showcase this in the best way possible and that’s an investment to do that,” Wiley said.

Dan Laughlin referenced the perks similar to the Erie Club membership stating, “I am a man of my word, so everything that I have promised — that no perks pledge — that is as good as gold. I’m not going to take any of those perks.”

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