Reported domestic homicide fourth murder in two weeks

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Four murders in two weeks.

Today, the city of Erie confirms its first murder of the year; 31-year-old Amanda Grazioli allegedly died at the hands of her husband on March 8th.  

In a double homicide, last Monday, 53-year-old Michele Brown and 35-year-old Tammy Greenawalt were killed at home in the 6600 block of West Ridge Road in Fairview.

And Sunday, 44-year-old Keeno Butler was reportedly killed in the 1000 block of East Avenue.  In spite of the suspect’s admission made during the 9-1-1 call, law enforcement was waiting for autopsy results before pursuing homicide charges.  This afternoon, Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook is confirming that the victim was murdered.  

The incident occurred early Sunday morning in a housing unit at 1019 East Avenue in Erie.  Erie Police saying 44-year-old Windi Thomas called police at 2:16 in the morning, saying that she killed her boyfriend (Butler).  Police say she attacked him with a knife and the wooden leg of a table before pinning him by sitting on his chest.  

She was arrested at the residence and was charged with aggravated assault reckless endangerment and possessing instruments of crime.  As Erie Police waited for autopsy results from  Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook,  one neighbor describes seeing Butler just hours earlier on Saturday.

One neighbor says, “When I saw that guy come home from the store, I thought, ‘nobody is guaranteed tomorrow and it was probably the furthest thing from that man’s mind that Saturday would be his last day on Earth'”.

Thomas was being held at Erie County Prison on $150,000 bond, but police said new charges involving criminal homicide were expected to be filed once the cause of death was ruled a homicide, which has occurred. 

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