Reporting from the County Courthouse, day two of John Grazioli murder trial

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The prosecution continues to call witnesses in a high-profile Erie County homicide trial. Jackie Roberts has been following this case.  She joins us live from the courthouse.

The bulk of the testimony so far this morning centered around the weapon allegedly used during the murder — where it was stored, how it was purchased and what caused it to fire.

It’s day two of testimony in the homicide trial for 45-year old John Grazioli. Investigators say on March 8th of last year, he shot and killed his wife while she was sleeping in their Millcreek home. The victim identified as 31-year old Amanda Grazioli.

Prosecutors are seeking a first-degree murder conviction because they believe the evidence will show the defendant had been planning his wife’s murder for at least a month. While the defense now admits Grazioli did kill his wife they’re raising a question of whether or not that was his intention.

The defense attorney also questioned why authorities did not give Grazioli a drug test. That comes after the defendant told police he consumed cocaine and alcohol the night before the murder, and an autopsy on the victim showed she also had drugs in her system. 

So far, witnesses have included the defendant’s ex-wife, a forensic pathologist, and investigators.

Prosecutors say it is likely the could finish calling witnesses today but that all depends on how long testimony takes.

We’ll be here throughout the day. 
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