Representative Barry Jozwiak wants to bring back registration stickers in new bill

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A couple of years ago, PennDOT decided to do away with registration stickers on car license plates. They said it would save them money. 

But now, one lawmaker says it hasn’t worked out and wants to bring those stickers back.

At the end of 2016, PennDOT decided to no longer require drivers to display a sticker on their car’s license plate, verifying that the vehicle is registered in Pennsylvania.

The move was expected to save them $3 million a year, but Representative Barry Jozwiak says, “In the 2017 PennDOT numbers, it shows that PennDOT actually lost $22 million in registration renewals.”

Representative Jozwiak says getting rid of the stickers has cost PennDOT due to drivers simply not registering their vehicles, and it’s hindered police. 

“It’s a probable cause issue for police. If the license plate is expired, they can see it. They can stop the car.”

Last year, the state’s ‘Fraternal Order of Police’ came to him for help.

“They said the police officers cannot tell if the license plates on the card are expired or valid, or not even registered.”

He now plans to introduce a bill that would create a two-in-one sticker for license plates, verifying that a car is both registered and properly inspected.

PennDOT has said law enforcement agencies have electronic access to their database from their patrol cars and some even use license plate reader technology to verify registration, but Representative Jozwiak says in this case, technology just isn’t as good as the old way. 

“I believe a license plate sticker’s important for public safety and for the police.”

And the representative will be discussing the bill with law enforcement next week before introducing it to the House.

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