Legislation is introduced in Harrisburg, aiming to make down syndrome selective abortions illegal in the state. PA State Rep Mike Turzai says, “every human life is worth living and has dignity… every human life”.

Turzai, PA Speaker of the House, defending his legislation.  A measure to ban the abortion of babies who have been diagnosed with down syndrome in the womb.  Currently, babies in the Commonwealth can be aborted up to 24 weeks gestation.

Turzai says, “who among us does not have a disability, like who is perfect… every single one of us deserves dignity and that is what this law is all about”.

Diana Englund agrees.  Her 23-year-old son, Nathan, was born with down syndrome. “He has just come so far, he can do so many things, and he just loves life and he loves everybody and everything… down syndrome is such an amazing thing, always happy, staying glad”.

On the other side of the issue, Alayna Getchell, President of Erie PA Keystone Progress, says this bill has absolutely nothing to do with protecting anyone with disabilities.  This is about taking reproductive rights away from women.  If the legislature wants to actually protect and help those with disabilities, they’d start with Medicare, employment opportunities, etc.

Politicians have no business getting involved in doctor-patient interaction.  Pennsylvania is already home to Chloe’s Law, a measure named after high school student Chloe Kondrich, who has down syndrome.  The law provides resources and support to parents who learn that their unborn children may have down syndrome. 

Other states with down syndrome-selective abortion bans include North Dakota, Ohio, Indiana, and Louisiana.