Representatives react to passing of Senate Bill 565 allowing permitless concealed gun carry

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The Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed a bill to allow permitless concealed gun carry. Governor Wolf however has promised a veto.

We spoke to representatives about Senate Bill 565.

Both representatives and gun owners have shown mixed reaction over this bill as some are saying that permits help keep the community safe.

The vote was 107 to 92 in favor. The House of Representatives supported a bill to allow permitless concealed carry.

Representative Brad Roe from Crawford County said that he supports pro gun rights legislation since majority of constituents in his district support the right to bear arms.

“I always vote for what I think is right and I don’t base my votes on what the senate might do or what the governor might do. I do what my constituents want me to do,” said Brad Roae, (R), PA State Senate Representative.

Roae believes that permits might not be necessary for concealed carry.

“When people buy a gun they’re already an extensive background check there’s already a state background check pix and a national background check nix,” said Roae.

One Erie County resident who was renewing her permit said she believes in a second amendment rights, but she said that permits are important to keep the community safe.

“So that they know if anyone’s had any mental health problems of if they’re suicidal anything like that, that way they know whether they should be able to carry one or not,” said Diana Sweat, Erie County Resident.

Erie County Sheriff John Loomis said that so far this year they have issued more than 8,000 gun permits. He said that permits and background checks hold county sheriffs accountable.

“Our signatures go on those we hold some responsibility as to who gets one and who doesn’t and if someone is not supposed to have one it’s our job to keep it from them,” said John Loomis, Erie County Sheriff.

Representative Ryan Bizzarro said that this bill is a waste of tax payers money and time and the House of Representatives could have used these resources to help more Pennsylvanians.

“Senate 565 is a sideshow, a distraction from what really needs to be addressed in Harrisburg. Bills that actually help people like election improvements or pandemic recovery have languished for months while this bill speeds through in days. With Governor Wolf’s guaranteed veto of this bill, this exercise in futility wastes taxpayer dollars and time we could have used to help all Pennsylvanians, instead of pandering to a few. My Second Amendment voting record is rock solid – this clumsy clerical change won’t expand anyone’s rights. What it will do is make the jobs of our police harder and the Governor is right to veto this bill,” said Representative Ryan Bizzarro, (D) 3rd District.

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