Republican Congressmen shot, Scalise in critical condition

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Shots fired this morning at a Virginia ball park sent members of Congress running for cover.  

Representative Steve Scalise was hit by gunfire, his injury is not life-threatening.  A number of others were hit as well.  

It ended up being at least 50 or 60 shots fired and at that point people were dropping.  Representative Rand Paul recalled hearing dozens and dozens of shots fired at a park just outside Washington, DC.  Members of Congress were practicing for a charity baseball game.  Paul says, “I was out in the batting cages in right field when the first shot was fired.  We heard a succession of shots, 5, 10, 15 shots in a row.”

We’ve learned a security detail fired back at the shooter.  And at least 8 people were hit; among those wounded, House Majority Whip Louisiana Representative Steve Scalise, one staffer, two Capitol Hill police, and another law enforcement officer.

Paul tells us, “shots were continuing and I think he was reloading, and then we heard more shots, my instinct was that he was moving and he could move around the entire field and shoot everybody.  He was hitting the dirt around us out in right field, so it was a risk to stay, it was a risk to go, but we decided to make a run for it.”

The FBI and Alexandria police are investigating, but say the shooter is in custody.

The shooter has since been identified as James Hodgkinson, of Illinois.

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