Residents and the City of Erie Public Work Department prepare for the start of the snow season

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The first significant snow fall could soon be heading towards Erie County within the next 24 hours.

Residents and the City of Erie Public Work Department are preparing for the start of the snow season.

“Snow is never good around this area. It’s just not going to be fun shoveling it,” said Richard Narkhami, Erie Resident.

Winter weather could soon be on it’s way for residents across Northwest Pennsylvania.

When it happens, the city of Erie Public Works Department will hit the streets.

“We’ve prepared all our vehicles. Everything is ready to go. All our salt spreaders are on, greased everything, serviced everything. It’s all ready to go,” said Steve Sornberger, Bureau Chief of Streets City of Erie.

City of Erie plow trucks could soon be on the roads making their way across the city.

Of those trucks, twelve of them will be stocked and ready with salt spreaders.

The Public Service Department is no stranger to Erie County snow storms. They’ve already been preparing for the past few months.

“We’ve started in October probably. We started trucking and salting and getting geared up and putting plows on the trucks,” said Sorenberger.

Still, some Erie County residents said that it’s just too soon for a potential storm.

“Nothing good. I just don’t have any good thoughts on it. I hate the snow. Everything about it makes me angry. It’s cold, shiny and hurts my eyes,” said Brian Markham, Erie Resident.

The City of Erie Public Works Department is also reminding residents to pay attention to the signs and the odd-even parking during the winter season.

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