Residents celebrate Saint Patrick’s day without the annual parade

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Today many were expected to hit State Street for the 2020 Saint Patrick’s Day parade.

However, many major cities across the country canceled the events due to the possibility of spreading COVID-19.

We know that surrounding areas such as Buffalo, Cleveland and Pittsburgh all canceled their parades this weekend.

In years past, the Erie Saint Patrick’s Day parade fills the street. However this year with the fear of COVID-19 spreading, the parade was canceled.

Even without a parade, many are still decking out in green and heading out.

“It’s starting to pick up now and everyone looks like they’re in a great mood, so it’s going good,” said Tyler Grosholz, a server at Plymouth Tavern.

Inside Plymouth Tavern they brought the Irish spirit to life with Irish music, green beer and decorations.

Just down the street a little bit at Molly Brannigan’s, the party was going strong at the Irish pub.

Inside green and white lights fill the sky as bar goers listen to music and drink Irish drinks.

Karley Nicola said she decided to go out despite the parade being canceled.

“I don’t think it’s an over reaction since it spreads quickly. Where I work, we’re working from home for a month. At least if we’re healthy we are coming out and we’re not spreading it,” said Karley Nicola, Erie Citizen celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day.

Nicola adds it’s better to stay proactive and cancel the parade than possibly spreading COVID-19.

“I feel like it’s responsible. People are still coming out if they’re healthy,” said Nicola.

With COVID-19 still going on people are still taking the extra precautions keeping it safe.

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