Residents continue to wait for answers after ceiling collapse at The Reserve at Millcreek

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Nearly 20 residents at one local apartment complex continue to wait for answers after the ceiling collapsed in their building just before Christmas.

Some say they are getting no help from management.

Brian Wilk reports.

Those residents were getting help with food and shelter from the local chapter of Red Cross, but with their limited budget their funds finally ran dry and that’s when the residents say they were hit really hard.

Jill Monaco has been living in a motel since the ceiling collapse.

“Our own personal meals we have to pay for out of pocket. We were given 30 minutes to go into our apartment and get our belongings, so I did not get enough stuff. I have had to buy clothes out of my own personal money,” said Jill Monaco, former Reserve resident.

She says management is keeping her in the dark.

“I just want to go home. If we are not able to go back to our apartments that we currently live in, I would like to be relocated to another apartment,” said Monaco.

Lexii Robarts was also displaced and living in a local motel. She says she had a partial lung collapse two years ago and has not fully recovered.

She says she did not have time to grab her medication when she evacuated.

“I am currently without my medication. My breathing machine is still in the apartment,” said Lexii Robarts, former Reserve resident.

Also, her only means of income is in the apartment, her art supplies.

“I have had to replace a lot of my equipment during this to still get an income. It’s been a big struggle,” said Robarts.

Geoffrey Domowicz with the local chapter of Red Cross says it is now just a waiting game.

“We are sort of waiting for the news from Millcreek Township and the Reserve as to what the condition of that building is, what the plan is moving forward, and when these folks can move in, if they are able to back move in,” said Geoffrey Domowicz, Red Cross, Erie.

The management of the Reserve Apartments say that tomorrow they are meeting with code enforcement inspectors.

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