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The pain at the pump continues in Pennsylvania. Many people crossing over state lines to get gas cheaper and much cheaper. According to AAA, the state average for a gallon of regular gas is $2.68. But, just a short drive to Ohio, we saw gas for as low as $2.30 a gallon. Many people making that trip to save money.

Albion resident Larry Dersch is one of those people who makes the trip to Ohio. He says the other day he got gas for $2.19.

“That big of a difference to go to Ohio, it actually pays me to go get gas.” Dersch said.

Robin Howard lives in Springfield, but was in Conneaut, Ohio getting gas today. She says she can’t afford gas prices in Pennsylvania.

“When you’re on unemployment, you have to make every penny count and a forty cent difference between here and PA, I can deal with it.” Howard said. She says she doesn’t like the idea of spending her money in another state.

“Unforunately, it takes away from PA and brings us over to Ohio, but people have to do what they have to do nowadays.” Howard said.

Workers that we spoke with say they have noticed so many people crossing state lines to fill up their gas tanks, they’ve seen a boost in business.

“They talk about it all the time that this is their big thing,” said Corey Kent, an employee of True North Shell. “They are like, it’s $2.99 and they are like, we are saving 80 cents today. They travel, they will come just for gas.”

You may be wondering why gas prices are so much different from state to state, but it mostly depends on the state gas tax.

“Until recently, Pennsylvania had the highest gas tax in the country, now has the second highest in the country behind California, and Ohio is further behind. Although, Ohio has recently just increased as well.” said Jim Garrity of AAA.

Gas prices at stations change often, sometimes several times a day. A good way to find the best price for gas is on the website,

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