Residents express frustration over acres of land for sale near Erie International Airport

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Controversy over 20 acres of land, it’s property owned by the Erie International Airport, but it’s now up for sale.

Residents that live nearby say they don’t want anything going in there.

The land that’s for sale is on Wilkins Road, about a half mile from the west end of the Erie International Airport runway. Some of the people who live there say the sound of planes passing overhead is “horrendous” and the trees help block out the sound.

Erie International Airport Executive Director Derek Martin says they acquired the property off Wilkins Road in 2001 for noise mitigation. That property has now been deemed no longer necessary, so they can sell it.

In 2009, the airport had a plan that was approved by the FAA to market the property, but it never happened. Martin says that selling this property will raise the value of the neighborhood properties because residents won’t be next to a vacant lot.

“It’s zoned residential, so whoever buys it, would have to build houses. It’s most likely going to make the neighborhood better because they are going to build homes on that property.” Martin said.

Residents on Wilkins Road say the trees not only work as a natural sound barrier, but also as a means of safety for their kids.

“This is a nice neighborhood and we don’t want an industrial shop or other housing that might bring in some people that we might not want in the neighborhood.” said Maria Talley.

Wilkins Road resident Annette Mossburg says that Martin forwarded her an e-mail from the FAA, saying they approved the sale of the property.

“That letter was dated 2010, Why are they all of a sudden so eager to sell this property. It’s ten years…I just don’t understand.” Mossburg said.

Martin said there was some confusion over what land was for sale. The sign incorrectly says 76 acres for sale, but only 20 acres are on the market.

You can read the Erie International Airport’s Master Plan by clicking the link below.

You can also take a look at the 2010 letter from the FAA by clicking the link below.

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