Residents fondly remember the history of the Boston Store as it changes hands…

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With residential places continuing to grow within the Boston Store, many remember the history that is held inside the building.

As people make their way in and out of the Boston Store, some are recalling memories long before this hosted as a downtown residence.

The Boston Store was founded in 1885 and since then, it’s been the home to all sorts of different things; creating lifelong memories for some.

Executive Director for the Erie County Historical Society George Deutsch says it was an “iconic department store, the Macy’s or Bloomingdales of Erie. The sixth floor had a really elegant dining room. There’s a cafeteria in the lower level. I bought my first Christmas ornament for my very first Christmas tree at the Boston Store.”

This landmark served as such an iconic location. Signs were once dispersed all across the city and surrounding areas about how many more miles to the Boston Store. And, once people made their way to the building, there was only one place to meet friends and family.

Boston Store Resident Matthew Reichert says, “If you talk to anybody in the pre-cellphone generation about ‘meeting under the clock,’ that actually meant something; that’s where people got together.”

One thing some residents enjoy about living in the Boston Store is the history behind the building in which they live.

Reichert recalls, “My grandmother worked here 30 years ago when it was the Boston Store and the fifth floor was a toy store, so I like the fact that it’s downtown and that it has an ‘Erie flair’ to it.”

Boston Store Resident Kyle Harris says, “It’s really exciting living in the Boston Store. There’s always something going on here and there’s a lot of history within this building”.

One other unique part about the Boston Store is how it has now come full circle.  Before the building was built, that part of State Street was home to a residential area. 

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