Residents have mixed reactions to Governor Wolf’s proposal on gun safety

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Governor Tom Wolf proposal on gun violence has people talking.

We spoke with a gun shop owner and others to get their reaction on the governor’s proposal.

The governor’s recent proposal has a lot of people taking, especially here in Erie.

Some people oppose this proposal while others believe there should be a balance.

“The right of the citizens is to bear arms in the defense of themselves and the shall never be questioned,” said Timothy Parker, Owner of Presque Isle Gun Shop.

What you hear from Timothy Parker is paraphrasing Article 1 Section 21 of the Second Amendment.

Parker is the owner of Presque Isle Gun Shop. He said that the governor’s proposal is vague and interferes with one’s 2nd Amendment rights.

The governor proposes stricter background checks closing loopholes that allow some buyers to avoid them.

He supports the Red Flag Law that temporarily removes guns from those who pose a danger to themselves or others.

Parker is not sure if Governor Wolf’s proposal would change how gun shop owners would run their business, but he said that gun sales are at an all time high.

“I don’t know what probably due to the last election cause people I don’t know fearful or that they’re going to lose their Second Amendment rights,” said Parker.

Although the Second Amendment is part of the constitution, others believe that there should be some kind of law to reduce gun violence.

Jaime Stoeger works at the Crime Victim Center. She believes stricter laws will have better outcomes.

“Studies show that sexual assault and domestic violence do go down when there’s stricter gun laws,” said Jaime Stoeger, Co-Assistant Director of the Crime Victim Center.

Now it’s a matter of finding a balance between safety and the rights that you have as a gun owner.

If this proposal becomes law in Pennsylvania, there may be a lot of changes many would face.

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