Residents in one Granada Apartment Building given 72-hour notice to leave

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Some residents of the Granada Apartments Complex in Millcreek Township have been given a 72-hour notice to leave.

Orange signs were posted on one apartment building on Penelec Park Drive that stated the apartments are “condemned, dangerous and unsafe to occupy.”

Currently that is the only building that is condemned. 

The massive apartment complex is being inspected this week after four adults were having dinner on a third-floor balcony at the complex in June when it collapsed and fell around 10 feet on top of a second-floor porch.

Millcreek Township officials inspected units and found suspected black mold and unsafe living conditions during inspections this week.

“They just slapped the notice on the doors,” tenant Launetee Dickens said. “There was no notice, no warning signs, no one give us a chance to get ourselves together and call people for help.”

Residents in apartments that were condemned were given notice Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. that they have 72 hours to move out of the apartment or into another building within the complex.

“Well, move to another apartment or move altogether, but that takes time and you have to get trucks do this and that and we are on a fixed income and stuff and I don’t know who pays for this stuff,” tenant Anthony Christian said.

As of Tuesday evening, five of the 35 buildings have been inspected. Officials will continue to inspect other buildings at the complex.

A property manager for the apartment complex declined to comment. 

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