Residents on the Bayfront react to the lower water levels of Presque Isle after annual Spring Beach Walk

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After the annual Spring Beach Walk at Presque Isle, it was found that the water levels of Lake Erie are lower this time of year than in years past.

It was discovered this year at Presque Isle at the Beach Walk that water levels are lower than what they were a year ago making.

This makes it good news not only for Presque Isle State Park, but also for residents that live on the Bayfront.

Last year high water levels in Lake Erie went as high as some people’s front door steps.

“Everybody who lives here had boots that came up to their knees,” said Gib Loesel, Home Owner.

Residents in Ferncliff that live on the bay are hoping the water level will stay down so they can ditch those high knee boots.

According to operations manager at Presque Isle, the water level in Lake Erie is 18 inches lower than what it was this time last year.

“With the water level being down and trending down for this year from all the projections coming out from the court of engineers, it looks like we are going to see less erosion than we have in the last few years,” said Matt Greene, Park Operations Manager at Presque Isle.

Residents are hoping for less erosion especially with their own houses.

“To keep the water out of his house, he actually installed some water gate flood gates,” said Losel.

To help the front areas of Loesel’s house he hired a contractor to put in cement blocks.

“The high water pretty much eroded that all the way back to the point of that it would effect northeast corner of our parking lot and start to undermine that,” said Loesel.

Loesel said that a few times last year the water levels were right here on his house and hopes that moving forward for this year the low water levels stay consistant.

“We are hopeful about that. I think everyone that owns a lakefront property are all hopefully about that,” said Loesel.

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