Residents prepare for bitter cold temperatures

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With Friday night’s cold weather comes serious dangers. Many people in the area are not taking any risks when it comes to their safety. Even Erie County is preparing for the cold temps and the problems they can cause.

Many of us spent part of Valentine’s day preparing for tonight’s bitter weather. Erie County Emergency Management is ready too, hoping the community stays safe and smart.

Diana Ames says she is happy that we have had a mostly mild weather so far this year. But, she takes no chances.

“I wear coats, sweaters, and drink a lot of coffee and stay in the house when I can.” Ames said.

Lake City resident Waneta Fuller chooses to stay in and drink coffee as well as have a blanket over her.

Keeping warm in this type of cold weather is more than just putting on your hat and putting on your gloves.

Bonnie Bowen says tonight she plans to stay inside, watch movies, read books and drink tea. However, she usually enjoys the cooler tempeartuers.

“I have a heavier parka at home that I wear when I use the snow blower, but I like the cold,” Bowen said.

Erie resident Chris saying just in case, he is wearing a coat, a hoodie, two pairs of socks and keeping a thermos handy.

“I would not come outside in this weather because it could be potentially dangerous.” Chris said.

Erie County Emergency Management takes a look at the forecast to see what conditions affect those cold temperatures. The big concerns are frostbite and hypothermia. They also monitor power outages throughout FirstEnergy.

“If there are large numbers of outages, obviously there is not going to be heat associated with that for long durations.” said Brian Mesaros of Erie County Emergency Management. “That could be something that we would need to work with the municipality to find out how we can get the power turned back on.”

To have a warming shelter open, the temperature has to be below 20 degrees. Right now, the warming shelter is at St. Joseph’s on West 24th Street.

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