Residents Prepare For Hurricane Florence

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The Carolina Coastline is right in the bullseye of where Hurricane Florence is headed.

CNN’s Natasha Chen has our report.

“Just filling up, getting ready for the hurricane. I got a couple of boats I got to move, and a bunch of cars that I’m filling up and just gas for the generators,” said one resident. 

Mid-day Monday, the National Weather Service called Florence a category three storm, then within an hour, upgraded it to a category four.

“The best safety plan is preparation and common sense. We still have a couple of days to get ready, so let’s use that time,” sia North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper.

Before Florence makes impact late Thursday night or Friday morning, some on the coast, including people on North Carolina’s Hatteras Island are already evacuating. 

“Florence is a threat, well beyond our coast, so inland counties need to stay ready as well,” added Governor Cooper 

People are stocking up.

“They’re completely out of water so, we’re going to try to go up the beach, but I can guarantee they’re out of water too,” said one resident. 

Supply stores are selling a lot of plywood and generators. Officials warn people to be prepared to be without power for a while and to clear debris from their yards before high winds pick it up and create damage. South Carolina is also preparing to be in the path of the storm.

“At noon tomorrow, we’re going to reverse the lanes on four big roads leading from the coast,” said South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster.

The South Carolina Governor says a million people will be trying to leave the coast. People in Charleston are already offering free sandbags. Officials in both states say, “We do know we’re in the bullseye.”

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