Residents React Following No Charges Decision on Protest Incident

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Following the District Attorney’s decision to file no charges in the Erie police case involving a female protester, residents and the co-founder of Erie Equal spoke out about the case.

Some people believed more needed to be done to bring justice to Hannah Silbaugh with other reactions falling across the board.

Tensions were high for some residents after they learned the decision of the Hannah Silbaugh and Erie police officer case.

“It’s a disgrace, it’s disgusting, for me growing up as a little girl until now, growing up and learning about diversity and racism,” said Erie resident Twanita Taylor.

This came after District Attorney Jack Daneri’s decision on not seeking criminal charges against 21-year-old Hannah Silbaugh or the City of Erie police officer who pushed Silbaugh with his foot, but the president of the fraternal order of police in Erie said there’s no surprise to the DA’s decision.

“We knew all along that our officer used justifiable use of force that evening to prevent injury not only to himself and officers but prevent injury to Hannah Silbaugh,” said president of the Erie fraternal order of police Ken Kensill.

Kensill believes law enforcement’s work sometimes includes using force to protect others.

The co-founder of Erie Equal said that the District Attorney’s decision was not enough and he’ll continue to bring justice to those affected by police brutality.

“Even though inside of their handbook that’s actually allowed, I wish they would have already set up sensitivity training just because this climate in America right now by any means is not new,” said Erie Equal co-founder Andrey Rosado.

“We’re going to demand complete reform. We’re going to keep on gaining new allies and people that are in leadership positions right now that don’t seem to be doing an effective job or those who don’t care, we’re going to flip the seats.”

Erie Equal has more than 3,000 members and Andrey Rosado said that the group will continue to have peaceful walks throughout the coming weeks to bring justice to those impacted by the issue.

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