Residents react to possible approval of $1.9 trillion economic relief package

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The big budget battle continues in Washington.

As Congress gets closer to approving another massive COVID-19 relief package, which includes a third round of direct cash payments to the American people.

The stimulus checks continues to be the Google search for many as almost all American people are desperately waiting for some type of income to get them through this ongoing pandemic.

“Parents are like ‘You’re leaving my house now.’ Now that they’re 18, they can receive the stimulus checks and really help them.” said Izhak Salgado.

It’s nothing new to hear different voices of struggles that are in great need for some kind of income to help with financial or personal struggles. Some residents believe that the stimulus checks should be in the hands of those in great need instead of those who are not.

“I just think that the people who are getting these checks, they should do more of a digging versus who really needs them versus who doesn’t. I know my family doesn’t necessarily need them.” said Alexandra Schmidt.

Only time can tell for those who are hoping for some kind of financial miracle to fulfill their needs.

“Day in and day out as I’m walking to and from work or on my lunch break, I see people not working yet, and they’re just waiting for the next help to come by.”said Kelly R.

If the $1.9 trillion economic relief package is approved by the House and the Senate, that’s when President Joe Biden will get the chance to sign it.

Reports say this third stimulus check will likely be approved sometime in mid-March.

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