Residents react to U.S. resuming Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccinations despite rare clot risk

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After a thorough safety review, the FDA and the CDC are recommending lifting the pause on the Johnson and Johnson single dose vaccine. This comes after reports of a rare and severe type of blood clot in people who had taken the vaccine.

The FDA and CDC say the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is safe and effective in preventing COVID-19. They also determined the vaccines known and potential benefits outweigh its known and potential risk.

Despite Johnson and Johnson getting the green light, some say they will never get vaccinated.

“You are better off without it. I figure your immune system fights off the germs or whatever you want to call it, better than you getting sick and getting the shot and fighting it off. So, if I were you, don’t get the shot.” said Mike, an Erie resident.

Other residents think it is safe.

“The Johnson and Johnson shot, my mom got it. She didn’t feel too bad afterwards and I didn’t have anything bad happen after it.”said Dakota Moreland, an Erie resident.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Howard Nadworny says the side effects are so rare, it’s worth getting the one-shot vaccine.

“It’s a really helpful vaccine, for getting to marginalized populations, for getting to people who only want one shot and for distributing in smaller lots to sites that might not be able to do a thousand people at a time.” Dr. Nadworny said.

Dr. Nadworny adds that even if you are concerned about the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, the county has plenty of Moderna and the Pfizer vaccine available.

“The more people that get vaccinated and the faster they get vaccinated, the faster we will be able to relax a lot of the restrictions we have but that will only happen when we have a lot fewer cases.” Dr. Nadworny said.

David Basnak with EmergyCare says those restrictions impact how they care for patients.

“As we start to see that herd immunity start to take place because of the vaccination, hopefully that will start to ease up on some of the precautions we have to take.” Basnak said.

Following the recommended lift, the PA Department of Health notified all COVID-19 vaccine providers they can resume administering the Johnson and Johnson

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