Residents Stocking Up For Their Own Fireworks Displays

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With no public displays of fireworks many people are buying their own to celebrate the 4th of July.

One sales associate at Big Woodie’s said Friday alone the store saw more than 300 customers with people preparing for the holiday weekend.

The 4th of July will look a little different this year with no public firework displays and people buying their own.

“With COVID going on and 2020 as a year in a whole so far has just been a bad year so people are really looking for something to do and fireworks are a great outlet,” said Sarah Maracci with TNT Fireworks.

One sales associate from Woodie’s said there’s been an increase in fireworks sales this Summer.

“Definitely seeing a major increase in sales from years before, today alone was surpassing last year’s 4th,” said Big Woodie’s Fireworks sales associate Megan Kalizewski.

Firework store employees said they are seeing a lot of first time firework users, instructing them to be cautious making sure you are at least 150 feet away from occupied buildings and cars.

“First time firework users are coming out, because no public displays, I think people are bored at home and it’s just a fun way to you know really at our store inexpensively if you want to just do something fun for the family,” said Flagship Fireworks Owner Rob Englert.

One customer said he will be keeping up a tradition lighting up fireworks with his family on the 4th of July.

“We usually do it, yeah I got four kids so we liked to light up the block and have a good time,” said local resident Eric Haenel.

“We usually go to Ohio but with fireworks in PA now you know it’s convenient for us to come down here and grab them,” he added.

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