Residents Unhappy With Mess Left in Local Park From Fireworks

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The City of Erie is battling against constant overnight fireworks.

City crews have had to clean up glass, garbage and spent fireworks littered throughout Columbus Park after a group of people lit off countless amounts of fireworks Thursday night with no effort made to clean up their mess.

“When I looked, there were tons of people around the park, down the park, around the way then there was a fire truck that went this way then that way,” said Erik Pedersen, who lives by the park.

Pedersen said he often walks his dog at the park, but if he did that on Friday he could have stepped on broken glass as a result of the aftermath from the fireworks.

“I think it’s a waste, I think if you are going to use a public park, you should clean up your own mess afterwards,” he added.

One YMCA youth group typically visits the park daily and they’re not happy having to deal with remnants of the fireworks which were spread all over the park.

“While the crews were out cleaning this morning, we are not aware as to what is really out there, it could be bottles, or whatever they decided to use last night,” said YMCA group leader Tyresha Barnes.

“So for the safety of our kids and us we are just not going to go on the courts today,” she added.

Others are less concerned with the fireworks.

“Just shooting off fireworks, to me I consider it almost like a block party, because it kind of took up the park, but it was nice and lots of kids were enjoying it,” said Lori Tripp, who lives by the park.

“I don’t see it being a big problem,” she added.

Action News reached out to the city of Erie Police but they did not offer a comment on the situation.

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