Millcreek residents stood before Millcreek Township Supervisors Tuesday to voice their concerns of pet safety after an animal control officer allegedly shot and killed a stray cat.

Here is more on resident’s concerns and how Millcreek Township Supervisors are responding to their calls to action.

Community members are asking that the animal control officer that they said shot and killed a stray cat is held accountable and possibly even fired.

This comes after a group of Millcreek Township residents were told that the cat was sickly euthanized as a result.

“They didn’t follow through with giving that body of the deceased cat to the proper authorities to determine if it had rabies, and that’s what we really wanted to drive home is that laws were broken and they need to be held accountable,” said Tyler Nowosielski, Volunteer at Erie Animal Network.

Along with accountability, businesses in Erie are offering solutions to ensure this issue will not happen again.

“We would be more than happy to train an ACO as well as any other officer on how to appropriately provide care with compassion and use the equipment correctly,” said Nicole Leone, Executive Director of Erie Humane Society.

Other people are asking for more extreme measures.

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Millcreek Township Supervisor Kim Clear told us that they are taking this incident very seriously and are conducting a thorough investigation to consider what comes next.

“We will be interviewing all of the parties that were involved in this incident, and if there are any prior incidents we are also going to be taking an internal look at incident reports,” said Kim Clear, Millcreek Township Supervisor.

Supervisor Clear said the internal investigation is expected to take a few weeks, if not longer.