Restoration project continues at St Peter Cathedral

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Restoration to St. Peter Cathedral continues as scaffolding on the outside of the church now covers the main tower.

You might have noticed the growing scaffolding outside of St. Peter Cathedral. Clergy members say they are preparing to repoint the main tower.

The scaffolding on the outside of St. Peter Cathedral is part of a restoration project that started about three years ago. Father Michael Ferrick says the goal is for the project to be complete by 2022.

“The last time the cathedral was repointed was in the mid-1980s. So, a long time has passed since then. We figured it we’re doing the inside of the cathedral, we don’t want water leaks coming from the outside.” Father Ferrick said.

Father Ferrick says they’ve worked on a section of the exterior each year and repointed it.

“This summer, we’re going to concentrate on the main tower and you can see the scaffolding is going up there. Hopefully, within the next month, the scaffolding will be complete and they can get working on repointing and waterproofing the main tower.

Nevertheless, parishoners still admire the beauty of the cathedral.

“It’s just wonderful. It’s peace and if I have had a bad day and I come here to church, it goes away. I will continue as much as I can coming to this church.” said Ester Ann Nilsen.

Another parishoners says he’s been coming to St. Peter’s Cathedral since baptism. He says, scaffolding or not, he will continue to worship there.

“It just seems like this is my home base. I keep coming back here all the time. The only time I really feel at peace is when I come here.” said Robert Lichtenberger.

Father Ferrick says, in the next two years, they will concentrate on the two side towers. He says this part of the project will not need scaffolding.

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