Restrictions lifted on the sale of certain fireworks

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Firework season is here and people will be having fun with sparklers and much more. 

“I love fireworks, I think they’re so pretty and I love the way they look,” said Erie resident, Jennifer Moore. Moore is one of many people that will be buying fireworks this season and this is the first year that Pennsylvania residents will be able to buy all types of  fireworks big or small. “We like the colors, we like the big booms,” said Erie resident, Matt Eberlin. Eberlin use to drive to Ohio to buy high-powered fireworks but now, he says he will get them right here in Erie county. 

Now that people have more options when it comes to high- powered fireworks, officials are advising people to be careful while using them. “They should always keep in mind to stay at least 75 feet away from any aerial fireworks,” said John Kaliszewski. Kaliszewski is with Big Woodies Fireworks. He says people should keep some safety tips in mind while using fireworks. “Distance is always your friend for everything… stay far away from away from endangering people or dry grass, keep a bucket of water handy,” said Kaliszewski. Kaliszewski says people should be careful when using sparklers as well. He encourages people to throw the hot wires away in bucket once they are done using them.

Although it’s legal to buy certain types of fireworks in the state, it is still illegal to set them off in the city of Erie. 

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