Results of Spring Beach Walk surprised some officials today…

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This morning, park officials taking a slow walk along the peninsula beaches at Presque Isle. The goal? To assess winter damage caused by Mother Nature.

Every spring and fall, state park officials gather to see how the beaches faired throughout the previous season. The walk helps them understand what damage has happened from October until now in order to redistribute sand and clean-up resources.

The Spring Beach Walk gives an idea of what damage or erosion has occurred on the beaches. It’s important to keep track of the progress each year.

Jerry Covert, of Presque Isle Advisory Committee, tells us, “there are places where there are massive stone and metal reinforcement and each year, with the winter storms, we see sand being eroded away that has to be replaced.”

Beach 1 has been a very sustainable beach for sand because of how the waves hit that beach. The mild winter weather had many thinking that the erosion would be minimum. But, after the assessment, officials found above average erosion due to the high water levels.

In the past five years, Beach 10 has started eroding back further into the peninsula as well.

Matt Greene, Park Operations Manager for Presque Isle State Park, tells us, “there’s typical spots on the peninsula where we get some heavy erosion and those spots are typically around Mill Road Beach area is always one that gets pretty heavy erosion. “

$3 million is needed for sand replenishment.

Presque Isle State Park got the funding for the sand earlier than usual. 

Greene says, “this is a new contract year so bidders are putting in their bids for the work this year. So, we’ll have a new contractor on site for this year.”

All the funding has been secured for this year’s nourishment project.

Officials are hoping to get the sand on the beaches before Memorial Day Weekend.  16,000 cubic yards of sand is already stockpiled on the North Pier.

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