Rick Fairless brings custom choppers to Roar on the Shore

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A well known figure in the custom chopper industry is at Roar on the Shore with one of his newest creations.

Rick Fairless has partnered again with Allstate and designed a chopper for the company to tour with.

One of Roar on the Shore’s biggest sponsors, Allstate, has brought one the biggest custom chopper creators in the country to Erie County. Fairless said he’s created about five to six of these choppers for the Allstate Bike Tours.

When looking in the parking lot of Roar on the Shore it is easy to spot the sea of motorcycles, some traditional, and some unique.

“Oh, I love it. Absolutely love it. It’s neat what people think of,” said Eric Morisette, Roar on the Shore attendant.

On that note, we meet Aileen and her creator, well known custom chopper figure Rick Fairless.

“I said okay, I have to do something really over the top, so that’s what I did with Aileen,” said Fairless, owner, Stroker Dallas.

For more than 50 years now, Fairless has been designing and creating custom choppers. He has created many for Allstate to tour at biking events like Roar on the Shore.

The ridged frame chopper takes her name after Fairless’ Grandmother, and Fairless explains the colors.

“I’m a child of the 60’s, so I love all the psychedelic colors and the tie dye colors,” said Fairless.

Now, after coming up with the concept for Aileen, Fairless said he and a team took just about four months to create the bike.

Many aspects of the design make the chopper an eye catcher, but Fairless said one of the most unique parts of the chopper is the holes through the gas tank and other parts of the bike. Fairless said the last requirement for one of his custom choppers is getting it to work

“It’s visually appealing, but yet functional. That is the whole thing. It has to be functional. If you can’t get out and ride it, its not a motorcycle,” said Fairless.

Fairless said these creations are like children to him. At the end of the tours, he said he buys them back from Allstate to keep.

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