Rick Weaver fights to clear record

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An Erie car dealership has reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors that could one day clear its record.  

In federal court, it’s called ‘pretrial diversion’.  Attorney Tim George telling us this is similar to the state’s advanced Rehabilitation Disposition Program, but not used as much.  After the US Attorney’s Office accused Rick Weaver Buick GMC Dealership and three others of participating in a nearly year-long loan scheme dating back to May 2015, the dealership entered a diversion program.

Attorney Tim George says the decision to use the diversion program is up to the US Attorney.  The purpose is to resolve cases by requiring the accused to be on supervision no more than 18 months and fulfill certain conditions ordered in court.  If that happens, then the case is dismissed. 

The accused does not have to enter a plea in the case and Rick Weaver Buick GMC is not entering a plea.  The program isn’t used often, but it’s not unheard of and is not open to just anyone.  It’s not available to those with two or more felonies, it cannot be offered to a public official who is accused of violating public trust or to those involved in incidents that threaten national security. 

George says, “In certain instances, it’s viewed as something that is in the best interest of justice and a wise use of resources for the U.S. Attorney to offer this as a way to resolve a case under appropriate circumstances.”

The dealership’s attorney, Michael Agresti, says the family-owned business will continue to operate.  The owner, Adam Weaver, is expected to enter the plea in federal court next week.  The other two involved are awaiting sentencing.

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