Riverside Inn Warehouse Auction

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     More than a year ago the historic Riverside Inn met it’s fate when a fire destroyed the building loved by many in the Cambridge Springs area.  

     Much of what was in the warehouse were antiques.  Many of those antiques hold history of their own from the region.  A man is seen carefully walking through the crowd and out of the building with a long, stained glass panel featuring scenes of Amish life.  A few bidders battle over an old-fashioned washing machine.  An old photograph of the Cambridge Springs Pharmacy goes for almost $40.

     “But it is surely wonderful that everybody can get a memento or so of the Riverside Inn.  It was a dearly loved place to us and we sure miss it a lot in this community,” says Chris Walker of Walker’s Auctions.  They specialize in selling antiques.  Walker says its nice to see such a great turnout for this auction.

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