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A record number of people are expected at this year’s Roar on the Shore.  It takes months of planning, not only with vendors, but with police as well.

There is definitely a lot going on at Perry Square and State Street right now.  There is merchandise out on display, motorcycles sitting out, and people with a lot of money ready to spend it.  Organizers want to make sure that visitors not only have a good time, but that they are safe, as well.

Erie Police Patrol Division, undercover officers, State Police, and private security detail will be keeping an eye on everything at Roar on the Shore in downtown Erie.

Chief of Erie Police, Don Dacus, explains, “all of us collaborate and work out what we think is the safest detail possible.”

Roar organizers work for months collaborating with all local law enforcement agencies.  

John Krahe, CEO Manufacturer & Business Association, says, “what I would like to really stress, in addition to security, safety is a big priority for all of us.”  That’s safety for the bikers in the parade from the casino all the way downtown.

The Erie Police Bicycle Patrol Unit, an important asset, watching over the crowds.  Nicholas Bernatowicz, Patrolman, say, “we are able to get places that cars can’t.  We can dismount easily, talk to people… the ease of access for the public to be able to talk to us is a great asset.”

Police just want to make sure you are extra vigilant.  Be aware of your surroundings and if you see something, say something.

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